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Why Agrivert?!

A Sustainable and Profitabile Journey

Agrivert Labs’ mission is to leverage its groundbreaking vertical farming technology to transform traditional saffron cultivation paradigms, enhancing quality, efficiency, and sustainability simultaneously.

Agrivert Labs focuses on using the hydroponics mechanism in its vertical farming modules to produce high-quality crops. Our hydroponics system thrives on innovation and sustainability, leveraging treated wastewater from our customers’ establishments to meet the water demand for Saffron cultivation.

The Apex of Vertical Farming – Agrivert’s Crocube

Our containerized vertical farming module, the Crocube, stands as a self-sustaining unit capable of being installed anywhere. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we meticulously control light, temperature, humidity, and nutrients to optimize crop growth. Crocube ensures consistent, high-quality harvests throughout the year. By minimizing water usage compared to conventional agriculture and integrating wastewater treatment into our cultivation module, we contribute to a more sustainable and resilient supply.

    Our Approach

    With our state-of-the-art vertical farming system, the world’s most treasured spice is no longer bound by geography. Our solution empowers growers everywhere to produce premium saffron with exceptional ease and efficiency.

    Our Mission

    Agrivert is at the forefront of the modern farming revolution, showing how indoor farming technologies is the future for valuable crops like saffron.

    Our Vision

    We are committed to dominating the indoor saffron market and making Agrivert synonymous with technology-cultivated saffron of the highest quality.


    Agrivert Labs’ journey is a story of innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to redefining agriculture in a sustainable and efficient manner.

    Founders’ Vision

    Our story begins with the shared vision of our founders, Soroush, Reza, Kaveh, and Aryan. Reza’s passion for organic farming, cultivated during his PhD, sparked the initial research that laid the foundation for our unique hydroponics mixture — the secret for our vertical farming success. Kaveh’s extensive background in private banking and asset management, coupled with Aryan’s expertise in mentoring start-ups, brought a holistic perspective to the team.Combined with Soroush’s experience in his family farm and backed to his management background, we make a team to change the agriculture paradigm.

    From Vision to Reality

    The founders started this journey part-time five years ago, collaborating on various agriculture projects, including developing high-value products in the challenging environment. As their friendship flourished, so did their commitment to revolutionize agriculture. Agrivert officially started its structured operations in 2021, focusing on microgreen cultivation and delivering high-value agriculture products in harsh environments.


    Diverse Expertise

    At Agrivert, our team boasts diverse expertise — two PhDs in agriculture and finance, complemented by business and management background the other co-founders. The journey started during Reza’s PhD research, evolving into the initial iteration of our product. As we recognized the potential, the co-founders decided to form a company, with a mission to supply microgreens and other agricultural products to regions facing challenges like cold weather and limited water access.

    Aryan Aghili

    Aryan Aghili

    Chief Marketing Officer

    As a Ph.D. candidate in Innovation Policy, this marketing strategist is skilled in venture development and technology commercialization. His ability to transform innovative ideas into market successes underpins our marketing and business development strategies.

    Soroush Asadpoor

    Soroush Asadpoor

    Chief Executive Officer

    With over two decades of experience, this executive excels in strategic planning and goal-setting, backed by a mechanical engineering background and a track record of leading diverse enterprises with analytical and project management expertise.

    Reza Alishiri

    Reza Alishiri

    Chief Research Officer

    Holding a Ph.D. in Agriculture, this research leader specializes in agricultural project development and innovation. Their expertise in managing scientific projects and inspiring teams fosters groundbreaking solutions in the field.

    Kaveh Delsouz

    Kaveh Delsouz

    Chief Financial Officer

    Armed with a Ph.D. in Finance, this financial expert excels in investment banking and analysis. Their acumen in identifying lucrative opportunities and mitigating risks is pivotal to our company’s financial health and growth.

    At Agrivert Labs, we’re spearheading a new era in agriculture, where innovation meets sustainability. Join us on our mission to redefine saffron cultivation through our state-of-the-art vertical farming module, Crocube. Experience how we’re breaking geographical barriers and making high-quality saffron cultivation possible anywhere in the world.


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