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With our Crocube you can produce saffron of exceptional quality regardless of external environmental conditions; Agrivert’s pioneering indoor farming system is democratizing the cultivation of high-quality saffron, making it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, to grow this precious crop sustainably.



Crocube combines the standard elements of a vertical farm with our unique and innovative technologies, transforming containerized cultivation in terms of efficiency and yield. The synergy of Crocube components creates an optimal environment for saffron cultivation:


Crocube is equipped with cultivation trays and state-of-the-art equipment, including patented lighting panels, environmental sensors, and ventilation fans.


Crocubes offer a controlled and resource-efficient solution, maximizing saffron yields while significantly reducing environmental impact.


Tailored for Growth

Explore our competency in customizable containers designed for various crops. Discover the flexibility and scalability of our modular system, catering to the diverse needs of modern agriculture.

¬†Whether you’re a small boutique restaurant or a large-scale pharmaceutical company, Crocube is designed to scale with your business, offering flexible configurations to suit your operational needs. We promise that our saffron is of the highest quality, meeting the standards industries and consumers expect.


Our Service Offerings

Growing Supervision Service

Agrivert Labs extends its unwavering support through our Growing Supervision Service. This comprehensive service is designed to assist our clients in maximizing their yields and optimizing their Saffron cultivation processes through cultivation supervision. Our team of experts works in close collaboration with our customers, offering guidance and supervision throughout their cultivation journey, ensuring our modular systems achieve their full potential.

Bulb Supply

As part of our comprehensive approach, we supply high-quality Saffron bulbs directly to our clients. This service eliminates any concerns regarding the sourcing and quality of cultivation materials. It underscores our commitment to providing an end-to-end solution that enhances our clients’ overall value proposition.

Modules Maintenance

Our commitment to customer service extends beyond initial product delivery. We provide ongoing support, including maintenance services, ensuring that our clients’ vertical farming modules continue to operate at peak efficiency and productivity.

R&D Service

Agrivert Labs provides Research and Development (R&D) services tailored to customers’ specific needs. We are ready for conducting experiments, evaluations, and research studies related to crop cultivation under unique conditions or factors to address specific challenges or explore innovative solutions, ultimately enhancing crop quality and production efficiency.

Consultation Service

Our experts are ready to assist you in understanding the best practices and strategies for vertical farming. We help you to assess your specific requirements and guide you in choosing between our regular or customized Crocube.

At Agrivert Labs, we’re spearheading a new era in agriculture, where innovation meets sustainability. Join us on our mission to redefine saffron cultivation through our state-of-the-art vertical farming module, Crocube. Experience how we’re breaking geographical barriers and making high-quality saffron cultivation possible anywhere in the world.


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